Super Gyro, Flagler Beach

Super Gyro

205 S 2nd St, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Avg. Rating

5.00 out of 5
4.67 out of 5
Rating: 100% - 3 Reviews


5.00 out of 5

Super Gyro Details (Closed)

  • Cuisines: Greek, Gyros
  • Phone: (386) 693-5090
  • Address:

    205 S 2nd St, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

  • Hours: Closed
  • Price Range: $$
  • Payment: VISA, MC
  • Alcohol Served: No

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Reviews of Super Gyro

  1. Review by RJ the Madraider, Palm Coast 7/3/2017

    I love this place! I have been here several times and the food is always superb! On my last visit, I ordered a Gyro platter to go. The salad was fresh, the meat was very tasty and the tzatziki sauce was delicious! The portions was more than enough to satisfy my appetite and their price was fair. Patrick at the kitchen and Mia at the register are always very friendly and welcoming. They take the time for quick chat even when they're slammed. Excellent food and customer service with a smile! The name of the place is appropriate. Gyro is pronounced hee-ro in Greek. Get it? Super Hero... Super Gyro!

        RJ the Madraider recommends Super Gyro
  1. Review by Anette, Flagler Beach 4/7/2017

    We heard how good this place was from a friend but did not realize that it was going to be so amazing. Best gyros we have ever had in our entire lives. They give you a lot of meat and it's so flavorful, tender and authentic! The wait time was a little long because they are very busy, and I noticed they have a large amount of regulars. The owner is very friendly and kind and knows a lot of his customers by heart already. He was constantly checking on us and letting us know our food would be done soon. We are very happy to have a delicious and unique place to eat in town and will be coming back often.

        Anette recommends Super Gyro
  1. Review by Jacques DuBois, Palm Coast 3/30/2017

    I have not had a good Gyro since I retired and left Chicago. My wife and IO tried this place and it brought back a lot of fond memories. The Gyros are the best around. We now go here at lest twice a month. The two people who operate it are a young couple and they do a super terrific job. Do yourself a favor and try it. An Oh... by the way when, you ask for a Gyro, the "G" is silent.

        Jacques DuBois recommends Super Gyro