About FlaglerRestaurants.com

Thank you for visiting FlaglerRestaurants.com. I'm Chris Austin, and I'm a self-confessed foodie. I actually trained as a chef back in the 80's at a culinary school in Toulouse, France. That was before being a chef was considered cool and I detested it. It was like boot camp in whites where we rose at dawn each day and spent hours ironing table linens, scrubbing pans, and peeling vegetables before we even got a chance to cook. Since graduating I never worked another day in a professional kitchen, but my experience did teach me how to cook well and how to recognize and appreciate good food.

I created FlaglerRestaurants.com for the foodie in me and as a homage to our local chefs and their restaurants. I hear many comments about the lack of good dining options in Flagler County, but I know what it takes to run a restaurant and we do have some epicurean gems here. FlaglerRestaurants.com is the most up to date and comprehensive local dining directory available, and in addition to helping diners find where to eat and drink, FlaglerRestaurants.com encourages them to share their dining experiences by providing ratings and reviews. Plus, a new feature to is highlight a specific dish, drink, menu item, or even staff member that impressed and was worth returning for.

For the Restaurateur

All local restaurateurs are invited to list their dining establishments for free on FlaglerRestaurants.com complete with any necessary business information and links to their menus and social media pages. I've also provided a tool that allows a restaurant manager to keep their listing current and to respond to reviews either as a rebuttal to a negative experience or just to thank a customer for visiting (click here to discover more).

Eat Local

If this website has just one purpose, it's to encourage everyone to dine locally and patronize Flagler's restaurants. And when you do, don't forget to share your experience with me and the other diners here on FlaglerRestaurants.com.

Cheers all,

Chris Austin
Flagler Foodie.

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