Sarafina's Eatery, Bunnell

Sarafina's Eatery

600-6 E. Moody Blvd. Bunnell, FL 32110

Avg. Rating

4.00 out of 5
3.67 out of 5
Rating: 83% - 6 Reviews


4.17 out of 5

Sarafina's Eatery Details (Closed)

  • Cuisines: Bakery, Bagel, Sandwich, Pizza
  • Phone: (386) 585-9030
  • Address:

    600-6 E. Moody Blvd. Bunnell, FL 32110

  • Hours: Closed
  • Price Range: $$
  • Payment: Accepts credit cards
  • Alcohol Served: No
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Pet friendly

 I was shocked at how good their bagels are! They're huge with just the right amount of chewiness and flavors change daily. A great little diner place... read more!

Review of Sarafina's Eatery by Jason from Bunnell

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Reviews of Sarafina's Eatery

  1. Review by Malinda, Palm Coast 5/27/2021

    New owners don't quite have it together!! Pickup orders wrong both times and only two bagels for breakfast! There used to be such a wonderful selection and I'd travel from Palm Coast to pick them up. Not worth the drive now.

        Not recommended
  1. Review by Jason, Bunnell 12/29/2020

    I was shocked at how good their bagels are! They're huge with just the right amount of chewiness and flavors change daily. A great little diner place where you're made to feel welcome and never leave hungry.

        Jason recommends Sarafina's Eatery
  1. Review by Michael, Bunnell 1/13/2020

    Excellent and very good priced food in a homey atmosphere. Nothing fancy but food is fresh and satisfying and they make you feel welcome. I highly recommend you try them.

        Michael recommends Sarafina's Eatery
  1. Review by Dick, Bunnell 1/5/2020

    Go here often for breakfast on weekends. Everything seems very made from scratch and tastes very good. Family atmosphere and service takes good of you. All at great prices.

        Dick recommends Sarafina's Eatery
  1. Review by Deb, Palm Coast 7/19/2018

    I was in rehab for injuries and my daughter would bring me breakfast every morning. I suggested Holy Cannoli because they serve pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches. We are Jersey girls and you can only imagine the horror we felt when we opened our sandwiches to find the eggs scrambled. Our fault I guess because we just presumed everyone knows it should be fried and the pork roll a little thicker. We will go back again, but will be more specific.

        Deb recommends Sarafina's Eatery
  1. Review by Don, Flagler County 10/22/2017

    I have lived in Florida for over 10 years and have yet to come across a restaurant that appears to do what they say they do.

    Allow me to explain a lot of restaurants claim to have fresh homemade food and they talk a great show but with my experience I have truly only found one or two of these restaurants that live up to the hype they are giving the public.

    Let's go one step further and let the public know that the food that is served is made elsewhere and comes in to the restaurant frozen not to say that these businesses do not put their twist on these items that are being served but do not attach your name to an item such as homemade when they are shipped to you through another business such as a food supplier.

    Well enough of that and you get the idea. Now let me get back on track with this review!

    I recently visited a local restaurant called "Holy Cannoli Sarafina's Eatery" and let me tell you I really was impressed. It was a small store front with lots of character I was greeted with a young lady with one arm and she was very informative to help me decide what I was in the mood for. We went through the menu and any questions I had were answered with detail she is an asset to this establishment.

    I asked her what she would recommend from the menu? To my surprise she recommended that I tried the sandwich of the day, I was expecting to have her recommend the highest priced item on the menu but she recommended a special, she then proceeded to tell me what it was and what sides came with it. The sandwich of the day was the Roast Beef & Provolone covered in Caramelized Onions on a fresh homemade hero, she also continued to tell me that it came with 2 sides witch were coleslaw, chips, NY Pickle and a medium fountain drink. When she was done I chuckled a bit and asked "so you said it comes on a homemade roll?" she replied "it sure does we make them right here in the store" well that was it I had to have this sandwich so I ordered it and about 6 to 7 min. later out it came.

    My first impression was OMG that is a good looking sandwich and when I saw the roll that it was on it even looked better than expected. It took me a good 20 min. to finish this sandwich and the flavors excited my taste buds so much even though I was full I had to finish this sandwich. What I am trying to say is that this was one of the best sandwiches I ever had in my life.

    When I finished the sandwich she then asked me if she could clear my plate and asked me if I needed anything else to complete my visit. I told her the food that I just ate was by far the best quality and the flavors in that sandwich left me wanting more! She smiled and told me she was happy to see that I loved the food. I asked her again about the bread and she told me her father in law comes in every morning about 3 am to bake all the breads and bagels for the day. I was shocked that some people still make the breads and bagels fresh. I know that pizza stores make their dough fresh but a small mom & pop store. I now had to try the bagels so I told my waitress I think her name was Siara that I would like to try one plain bagel she then proceeded to tell me about the homemade cream cheeses and all the flavors they had she asked if I would like to sample any of them. I told her no but will keep it in my mind for the next time I visit I was just to full at the moment.

    I looked over while paying for my meal and bagel to notice a case filled with wonderful pastry and breakfast danish but when I saw the Cannoli I knew it was over I had to get 2 of them one large to go and one small to have now and I must say they are amazing crunchy shell with a creamy cannoli cream with chocolate chips through out the cannoli. I was in heaven not the soggy cannolis that everyone sells around town they were perfect just as I remember form the Brooklyn.

    Thank you for a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to coming back soon.

    Well since my initial visit I have returned to HOLY CANNOLI SARAFINA'S EATERY about 3 times and every time it gets better and better. I have tried the Philly Cheese Steak that was amazing, The Hot Pastrami that was to die for and the last was the Meatball Parmesan and again OMG!!!!! The meatballs were so big over a pound of meat on that sandwich. It took me some time to eat some of the meatballs so I could pick up the hero!!!!

    Thanks you again Sira and Rachel for making my experience a pleasurable one!!!!!!

        Don recommends Sarafina's Eatery