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Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Bunnell

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

2570 Commerce Pkwy, Bunnell, FL 32110

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2.70 out of 5
2.50 out of 5
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2.00 out of 5

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Wendy's Details

  • Cuisines: American (Traditional), Fast Food
  • Address:

    2570 Commerce Pkwy, Bunnell, FL 32110

  • Hours:

    Mon-Sat: 10:30am-11:00pm
    Sun: 10:30am-10:00pm

  • Price Range: $
  • Payment: Accepts credit cards
  • Alcohol Served: No
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 This is the only Wendy’s I recommend for a double cheeseburger after 9 o’clock at night they make them so nice and fresh every time. read more!

Review of Wendy's by Brad Butler from Bunnell

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Reviews of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

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  1. Review by Cheryl, Palm Coast 12/3/2021

    Service on 11/9/2021 at Wendy’s location on Rt 100 Palm Coast FL

    1. 30 minutes in line at the drive through
    2. Got to the service window and were ignored for another 5 minutes while we watched staff walking around ignoring us.
    3. Staff walking around ignoring us had bare backs showing from ridden up Shirts…how appetizing is that??!!
    4. Very disrespectful window operator when she heard our complaint about the wait- after 30 mins we were just waiting on 2 double cheeseburgers and fries. Really?? Standard order!! She closed the window on us after telling us we were STILL waiting on the burgers!
    5. Despite the millions of dollars Wendy’s Marketing spent on competing with McDonalds about Fries, the wait on the doubles made the fries cold and unappetizing. Despite the advertisement guarantee about the fries. By the way, the ONLY REASON we went to Wendy’s last night was actually to try these new and improved fries!!
    6. The very disrespectful window operator ignored me honking the horn about the fries. She closed the window on me. When I would not move she finally opened the window and told me to move away from the window to wait for new fries. AFTER NOW 35-40 mins in line!! By this time, the poor people behind us had the same experience we had waiting way too long for FAST FOOD!

        Not recommended
  1. Review by Brad Butler, Bunnell 2/1/2021

    This is the only Wendy’s I recommend for a double cheeseburger after 9 o’clock at night they make them so nice and fresh every time.

    Highlight of visit: Double with cheese.

        Brad Butler recommends Wendy's
  1. Review by Lewis, Palm Coast 12/8/2018

    Good service and nicely kept restaurant for a Wendy's. Food tasted freshly made and was was good and hot unlike some burger places. Fries very good. Much better that other Wendy's in Palm Coast.

        Lewis recommends Wendy's
  1. Review by Corey Gollon, Palm Coast 7/4/2018

    I have now gone there 3 times over the last year and a half. I've yet to be impressed in the least. The problem seems to be the food just sits around and get reassembled as needed. Lukewarm at best. Fries not crisp at all, greasy. Hamburgers taste like low grade school cafeteria food.

    On a previous visit I ordered Chilli. Wendy's is known for some decent Chili. We all know the recipe; torn up left over burger patties, beans, green pepper, spices, assorted condiments and crackers. I only wish mine was so good. Instead, I received flavorless, insipid so called chilli that did not reach the culinary excellence of a cup of noodles with massive amounts of sodium. To be honest, my Chilli's so called broth was CLEAR!!! Like water. That's hard to believe but true. I've never seen that before and don't want to repeat the experience in this lifetime. Management at this location is a disgrace. They just don't care.

        Not recommended
  1. Review by Jacques DuBois, Palm Coast 5/27/2018

    When this place first opened up it was very good. That's because the owner was there and he watched everything like a hawk. Something happened and it's the complete opposite. Not only is the food awful, but the place is dirty. Not cluttered, but dirty. The people seemed to be in a trance. They did not care. I will not be back. This Place is Horrible.

        Not recommended