Larry's Italian Deli, Bunnell

Larry's Italian Deli

2405 E. Moody Blvd., Bunnell, FL 32164

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Larry's Deli Details (Closed)

  • Cuisines: Deli
  • Phone: (386) 437-2727
  • Address:

    2405 E. Moody Blvd., Bunnell, FL 32164

  • Hours: Closed
  • Price Range: $$
  • Payment: VISA, MC
  • Alcohol Served: No

 This has basically become a take out place since they no longer have the dining room side of the place. To try and sit and at at either of the seats at... read more!

Review of Larry's Deli by Restaurant Man from Flagler County

Reviews of Larry's Italian Deli

  1. Review by Restaurant Man, Flagler County 1/20/2017

    This has basically become a take out place since they no longer have the dining room side of the place. To try and sit and at at either of the seats at the 3 small 2 tops that run together or 4 seats at a thin counter facing the wall definitely impedes the flow of customers coming and going as well as being uncomfortable while dining in. Next I would think that it is unsanitary for the gentleman making the sandwiches to have a toothpick in his mouth and then when going to ring up customers takes that same toothpick and holds it in his hand while handing you change back. Just what I want during the height of the cold and flu season, he did not wash his hands before returning to make sandwiches and or salads and I do not know what he did with the toothpick but luckily he did put gloves on.

    The prices here are very high. $10.99 for a submarine sandwich is ridiculous. I got a Taylor Ham sandwich that cost $8.00 plus tax. When I was asked if I wanted a breakfast sandwich or a lunch sandwich I inquired as to the difference in the amount of Taylor Ham. I was told it would be 8-10 slices for the lunch portion as compared to 4 slices for the breakfast portion, 8 slices it was and they were cut paper thin. If there was 3 oz of meat on the sandwich I was lucky. I am sure that all other sandwiches made with the thumans deli meat have much more than that on them. Little details go a long way, I asked to dine in, had my sandwich wrapped to go, asked for mustard on the sandwich but was not given a choice of type of mustard, the owner who took my order made that decision for me. I am from New Jersey where Taylor Ham is King. In my 45 years of life I have never ever not had my Taylor Ham cooked but I was asked if I wanted it warm by the owner. Warm it was not but crispy it was. This wold be perfect if not for the thinness of the slices of meat. I am sorry but I can no longer justify patronizing this place. The overhead was cut in half but the prices remain out of line.

    To me customer service is just as important as the quality and the value for my dollar for the food I am receiving. If I received a response of "0k" when inquiring as to how was your sandwich, I would be asking that customer more questions so as to know why it was not good or even great. When your staff is working in view of your patrons it is ever so important to remember that you are always on stage. The show never ends and someone is always watching.

        Not recommended
  1. Review by JD, Palm Coast 4/7/2016

    Great sandwiches and subs. The Philly is awesome. Everything I've tried from Larry's has been excellent.

        JD recommends Larry's Deli