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Sami's Pizza, Palm Coast

Sami's Pizza

4982 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, FL 32137

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3.39 out of 5
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3.54 out of 5

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Sami's Pizza Details

  • Cuisines: Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich
  • Phone: (386) 246-5900
  • Address:

    4982 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, FL 32137

  • Hours:

    Sun-Thurs: 11am - 9pm
    Fri-Sat: 11am - 10pm

  • Price Range: $$
  • Payment: VISA, MC, AMEX
  • Alcohol Served: Beer/Wine 

 I think they have new owners here but everything is very much the same. Food isn't bad and their pizza and cheese steaks are actually very good. A few... read more!

Review of Sami's Pizza by Debs from Palm Coast

Reviews of Sami's Pizza

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  1. Review by JD, Palm Coast 3/31/2015

    If you want to go out to eat and be abused, just go to Sami's. I went with a large party of people to Sami's about a week ago. We probably spent about $130-150 on food there. Well, I wish I would have walked out. My aunt and uncle had ordered two steak hoagies. My aunt wanted raw spinach on her hoagie instead of lettuce. Well, the manager would not make the substitution. Ok, no big deal right? When the subs and the rest of out food (pizzas and salads) come out, the one steak hoagie obviously has less meat on it than the other. When my aunt questioned the serving size of the portion, she was met with a screaming, obnoxious man in her face. Now mind you, this guys yelling at a 65 year old lady. We should have walked out at that point, but we paid our bill and told him how we all felt about the service on our way out. I would never patronize this place again. They're down right rude. Spend your money somewhere else.

        Not recommended
  1. Review by Jonathan Butler, Palm Coast 3/14/2015

    Wow Sami's Pizza is absolutely terrible. My girlfriend and I go out to lunch and from the start the service was very dissatisfying. We were ignored when we walked in and it was not busy at all. Then the server comes out to ask us what we want to drink. I asked for Pepsi and instead I get diet pepsi so I asked for Mountain Dew instead and she rudely snatches my cup and says "it wasn't diet," with an attitude.

    Then she asks what we want to eat and I order wings with mild, medium, and hot sauce combined which kinda tones the hot sauce down and give it a nice flavor and she says to me "why are you doing this?" And rolls her eyes, being extremely rude again. Then my food comes out and I get 11 wings when it was supposed to come with 12. All my girlfriend ordered was 2 slices of pizza and they didn't come out until at least 15 minutes after my food came out and we went there so we could eat together.. Not take turns watching each other eat. Then she finally gets her extra cheese slices and it was nothing like I've seen before and I just ordered that same thing last Friday! It looked like they took 2 premade cheese slices and threw on way too much cheese and it cooked into a blob. Then I go to say "I'm not trying to complain but this is not like the pizza I always get and the service has not been good from the start." And the boss/owner Jeff screams in our face "GET OUT!!" And kept repeating it. Literally!!! No joke! Worst experience at Sami's Pizza or any restaurant for that matter.

    The food may be decent but the service instantly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

        Not recommended